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The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) Newsletter, Issue #31

The Museum Of Bad Art opened its first permanent gallery in the basement of the Dedham Community Theater on Oct 30, 1995. The gallery features a rotating exhibition of selections from MOBA's permanent collection.


MOBA's basement beginnings...
Opening night outside the theater, above
MOBA's basement beginnings...
Opening night inside the theater (In case you need to know where they are, the toilets are in the back left there)
MOBA's new gallery in the basement of the Dedham Community Theater opened on Monday, Oct. 30, amid much excitement and fanfare. The day started at about 5am when NBC's satellite truck and crew arrived to set up the live link from the MOBA gallery to NBC headquarters in New York City.

By special permission of the MOBA board of directors, the Today Show was allowed in for a sneak preview of the exhibition. Today Show host, Katie Couric interviewed Mr. Wilson, our esteemed curator, as he talked about some of his favorite paintings -- "Lucy In the Field With Flowers", "Sunday on the Pot With George", "Circus of Despair", "Pablo Presley".

On Monday evening, the crowds arrived to a festive atmosphere in Dedham Square courtesy Of MOBA stalwart Tom Stankowicz. His MOBA audio-visual pickup truck bathed (some said drowned) the town center with spotlights, balloons, and carnival music.

Once inside the theater, the bad art loving public got their first view of the new Virtual MOBA CD-ROM for the Mac (see below) at computers throughout the theater's lobby. More than a few people noticed the uncanny resemblance between the "The Grand Lobby" in the MOBA CD-ROM and the lobby in which they were now standing.

As the lobby began to overflow with the multitudes, waiting to descend to the MOBA Gallery -- a cheer went up from the crowd -- at the arrival of the special surprise guests -- The Dedham High School Cheerleaders in full cheerleading regalia -- thus signaling the beginning of the evening's ceremonies.

Jerry Reilly, MOBA's Executive Director, took to the stage, welcomed the crowd and turned the floor over to Garen Daly, MOBA's host at the theater. Mr. Daly used the opportunity to highlight the key difference between his theater and the national chain 100-screen multiplex theater up the road. His theater has real art by real people, theirs has mass produced reproductions. His theater is based in Dedham, theirs is based who knows where -- and with that Mr. Daly introduced the Dedham High Cheerleaders to deafening applause.

With great fanfare, the cheerleading squad marched across the lobby holding the ceremonial scissors proudly above their captain's head as they approached the Gallery entrance. With one deft and graceful motion, the captain brought the scissors down from on high, cut the ribbon, and the crowd poured through the entrance, down the stairs and into the new MOBA Gallery.

Once inside the overflow crowd immersed themselves joyously in the representative sample of MOBA's permanent collection. As the crowd stood shoulder to shoulder, viewing the work on display, the newly installed temperature/humidity control system kept the atmosphere at the even "locker room" conditions recommended for bad art.

Later in the evening, excitement peaked again as MOBA Director Marie Jackson took to the stage to introduce our esteemed curator, Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson announced the world premier of a startling series of five paintings entitled "Through the Master's Eyes" (see issue #30 of MOBA News). These five works by a single artist, each in a different style, explore the multi-faceted relationships between artist and pet.

As our curator introduced each piece in the series, the MOBA bowling team (Men On Bowling Alleys) in perfect coordination with the Dedham High Cheerleaders pulled back the veil to reveal each canvas to the awe struck public -- each one more powerful then the last -- each one adding to the whole.

After the unveilings, as the security force wheeled the new works back to the vault, the assembled crowd, the staff, and our curator were visibly spent. Each person in that room knew that they had just experienced one of those rare moments in life -- a unique opportunity to see history in the making -- the moment that "Through the Master's Eyes" were unveiled to the world.

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