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The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) Newsletter, Issue #60
November 10, 1999


Our upcoming exhibition fulfills one of Mr. Wilson's, MOBA's Esteemed Curator, lifelong dreams. For many years, ever since he was a teenager, he has been mysteriously drawn to one of art's most well known subjects. He has long wanted to put together the definitive exhibition on this single theme. He wanted to dig deep within MOBA's extensive Permanent Collection and put together a single unified exhibition that could serve as a survey course for one of art's eternal (and ever popular) subjects. The Museum oF Bad Art is proud to present: BUCK NAKED -- Nothing But Nudes.

If it's bad and it's nude it will be there. Clear your calendar for the evening of December 5th for a special exhibition at the Blue Hill Spa, 95 Vanderbilt Avenuenue, Norwood MA -- just a few miles south Of MOBA's Permanent Gallery.

MOBA's all nude revue will adorn the walls of the spa's steam rooms, massage rooms, and grand common room. The spa itself is a wonderful facility. The spa will be in full operation that evening, so come to the scenic splendor of the Norwood Industrial Park and enjoy the art, the steam, and a massage. We encourage all Friends Of MOBA to come attired in a bathing suit (preferred) (lockers available) or if you're a bit too shy then wear your formal best.

- - - - - - - - -


On most days the MOBA hotline is in danger of burning a hole in the faux granite Formica workstation Of MOBA's Director of Simple Tasks, Fergal Gregory.

While the wiring problem is receiving attention, he asks your assistance in helping a Friend Of MOBA who, like artists Prince, Madonna and Quen, goes under the simple moniker of Colette. Colette wishes to commission a work on velvet and approached MOBA as a last resort. If anyone knows of artists of renown whose medium is something on velvet, please reply to MOBA via email. All responses will be forwarded to the so-called Colette when the smoke clears from the Director of Simple Task's desk.

- - - - - - - - -


As that Great All American Holiday, the day after Thanksgiving draws near, let us give thanks to MOBA's Publishing Department for freeing up this day from the endless search for a parking space at a mall or trendy downtown boutique area.

In only a few minutes you can take care of all of your holiday gift giving needs with a single bulk order of the hot-off-the-presses:

Museum Of Bad Art Year 2000 Calender

There isn't a person on your shopping list who wouldn't be thrilled to receive this beautifully printed calendar featuring a bakers dozen Of MOBA reproductions as well as an ingratiating letter from our Esteemed Curator himself.

The MOBA 2000 Calendar pairs each month with a full color MOBA painting:

Jan -- "Dog" by artist unknown
Feb -- "Ore" by LJH
March -- "Green Cowboy" by Martha
April -- "The Good Year" by Jeanne Kent
May -- "Burger on the Beach" by Pagerdoun
June -- "Silver Lining" by artist unknown
July -- "Winged Pixie" by Otto
Aug -- "Circle of Life" by Ted Heatley
Sept -- "Pals" by J.M.
Oct -- "Predatory Pumpkins" by artist unknown
Nov -- "My Darling's Chestnut Mare" by G.P.
Dec -- "Joan" by Matt Snyder
Extra Bonus -- "Lucy in the Field With Flowers"

You will not find this calendar in fine stores or on TV infommercials -- it is available only from the MOBA Gift Shop -- see below for ordering details.

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The Acquisitions Department has been overwhelmed in the past five months due to staffing shortages, and disputes over duties and responsibilities amongst the overworked and underpaid minions. Last week the entire department was fired and replaced by a machine.

As the approval process now moves on lickety split with acceptances here and rejections there, those mentioned below are only the tip of the iceberg. Details of all new pieces accepted into the MOBA Permanent Collection will be included in future editions of the MOBA News.

Cowboy Dreams
Mixed media on canvas by artist unknown.
Donor so far unidentified. (If you think you left this piece at MOBA's Permanent Gallery please contact the Director of Aesthetic Interpretation as soon as possible.)

The eye of God hovering between night and day dominates this work although occupying only the top third of the canvas. Below, a naked white figure sporting huge golden wings treads among artificial roses. Behind one bud lurks a tiny toy cowboy. The bottom of the canvas is trimmed with red lace affixed with black art glue, hinting at saloon girls underwear. The inclusion of a turquoise chalice, hieroglyphics and a horned owl results in a work brimming over with more symbolism than a deck of Tarot cards.

- - - - - - - - -

Irish Goddess
Acrylic on Canvas by Quen
Donated by the artist

A remarkable rendition in autumnal tones of an enigmatic blue eyed Sheelagh-na-gig complete with yawning yoni. This cheerfully obscene beauty will be a featured work in MOBA's upcoming "Buck Naked" exhibition.

- - - - - - - - -

Mixed Media by D K
Donated by Julie Gold

An elderly lady in Sunday best hat and coat and surrounded by the contents of the drawer in the hall table. This weighty work includes 28 keys and several pieces of jewelry and a dolls head, all lovingly attached with a glue gun.

- -- - -- - -- - -- -



I think my husband may have accidentally unsubscribed me. Please may I resubscribe if that was the case. How frequently do the news letters come out?

Azza Elnusairi

Dear Ms. Elnusairi,
We admire your approach in first blaming your husband for the lack of the long overdue MOBA News. Everyone here on the MOBA staff takes a "spouse first" attitude towards complaints whenever possible.

Yours in bad art,
Parker McGurl

- - - - - - - - -

"I like all painting. I always look at the paintings -- good or bad -- in barbershops, furniture stores, provincial hotels... I'm like a drinker who needs wine. As long as it is wine, it doesn't matter which wine."

Pablo Picasso (Guttuso, Journals, Quoted in Mario De Micheli, 1964)

It would seem Picasso, even in death, supports the ideals Of MOBA.

Jim Jarman

- - - - - - - - -

Dear MOBA staff,
In the Washington Post there was an alarming tidbit in the Style Plus section which direct readers to see bad art at:

It's a bad art page managed by one Vita Salvatore... but from what the tidbit says, Mr. Salvatore is asking $50,000 !!!!!!!! for a nude painting. While it seem that he sincerely appreciates bad art, his greediness is alarming and could disturb the bad art world as we know it.

What is MOBA's comment? What can the rest of us do to stop this sort of behavior?

Deb Metzel

Dear Ms. Metzel,
Alas, the world of bad art is not immune from the greed that has long infected the fine art world.

Hope springs eternal though. We are continually heartened by the bad art loving public's continued donations of priceless pieces to the MOBA Permanent Collection where they may be appreciated in perpetuity for free by the public at large.

We thank you for alerting us to Mr. Salvatore's commercial activities but we wish to reassure you that despite the many Mr. Salvatores of this world, world class bad art will continue to be collected, preserved and exhibited in a non-commercial setting by this institution

.... at least until such time as we sell out and cash in.

Jerry Reilly
Executive Director
Museum Of Bad Art
"Art too bad to be ignored"

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The Museum Of Bad Art's brand new online Gift Shop is now open 24 hours a day for online shopping.

While the rest of the world sleeps you can max out your credit card on MOBArabillia without ever leaving the comfort of your own home (or discomfort of your own office).

The museum's massive investment in this e-commerce enabled, world wide web, internet dot com, on line shopping mall extravaganza puts MOBA at the forefront of internet based crass commercial exploitation of the world's artistic treasures.

This recent Amazonification of the MOBA's Gift Shop has positioned MOBA as the leading bad art portal site on the internet. The inevitable MOBA Internet IPO stock offering appears to be just around the corner.

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If you have any friends, relatives, neighbors etc. who are suitable candidates to become Friends Of MOBA -- send us their email address and we will begin the arduous induction process immediately.

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MOBA's Permanent Gallery

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