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The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) Newsletter, Issue #61
December 1, 1999


This issue of The MOBA News is overwhelmingly aimed at our Boston MA readership. It is filled with news of local events, news, and exhibitions. We wish to extend our apologies to our national and international readers. We wish to reassure those of you, who for personal or other reasons, are not able to consider moving to Boston, that we will return to our normal national and international bad art coverage in future issues.


The Museum Of Bad Art is proud to present a definitive exhibition that could serve as a survey course for one of art's eternal and ever popular subjects:

"BUCK NAKED -- Nothing But Nudes" will open on Sunday Dec 5 from 7-9pm as a special exhibition at the Blue Hill Spa in Norwood just a few miles south Of MOBA's Permanent Gallery in Dedham MA.

If its nude and its bad it will be there. MOBA's all nude revue will adorn the walls of the spa's steam rooms, massage rooms, and grand common room. The spa will be in full operation that evening, so the public is invited to come to the scenic splendor of the Norwood Industrial Park (directions below) and enjoy the art, the steam, and a maybe even a massage.

The Sunday evening event will be open to both men and women so the public is welcome to come in their clothes to see the art or bring a bathing suit if you wish to also use the spa facilities.

The show will be open to the public during normal spa hours for the following two weeks from Dec 5-18. Men's nights are Tues, Wed, Thurs and Sat. Women's nights are Monday and Friday.


After publication of the last issue of The MOBA News, we received scattered reports of automated censorship by prudish mail filters. It seems that various corporations', as well as many parents', screening software automatically seize any incoming email messages that contain the word "naked" and/or "nude". The offending messages are quickly stashed away before polluting the minds of impressionable children and/or employees.

In addition to the reported cases, we suspect that there are many other unsuspecting victims of these prudebots. To deal with the issue, MOBA's Dept of Electronic Communication proposed that the title of the upcoming show be changed to: BUCK UNCLOTHED -- Nothing but paintings of subjects without their clothes on.

Upon hearing this Mr. Wilson, MOBA's Esteemed Curator, fumed: "If Salmon Rushdie refused to recant 'The Satanic Verses', then I'll be #$%$'ed if I will ever kowtow to the mindless tyranny of electronic censors. The show will retain it's title -- BUCK #!>&@ -- Nothing But %#!&s.


The Museum needs the help of a few Friends Of MOBA in the Boston area to assist with our upcoming exhibition "BUCK NAKED -- Nothing But Nudes". We will need help hanging the show on Saturday evening (Dec 4) and we will also need various types of help on the evening of Sunday (Dec 5) for the opening of the exhibition. If you are available and interested please contact us via email ( or telephone (617) 325-8224 as soon as possible.


We have received a few inquiries about the dress code for the opening of the upcoming exhibition "BUCK NAKED -- Nothing But Nudes". Chuck Forbush, MOBA's Director of Decorum wishes to clarify that the paintings will be nudes but that all attendees will be clothed. While the dress code for the event is certainly flexible, Mr. Furbush added that "black tie" attire is always welcome at any MOBA event. In addition, if any members of the bad art loving public wish to avail themselves of the spa's services (steam rooms, massages, etc) during the event, they should also bring a bathing suit.

This past Friday, Marie Jackson, MOBA's Director of Aesthetic Interpretation, visited the spa as part of the planning process for the upcoming show. While there, she availed herself of a half-hour massage. Ms. Jackson returned back from the expedition a new woman -- rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to throw herself back into the fray of her demanding job with renewed vigor. Ms. Jackson highly recommends the spa and its services and urges all Friends Of MOBA to combine bad art appreciation with a massage next Sunday.


The Museum Of Bad Art was founded over five years ago to fill an appalling vacuum in the world of art museums. Over the years, MOBA and its supporters have tirelessly toiled away in institutional solitude. While being a pioneer undoubtedly has it's pleasures, the loneliness of being the sole North American museum dedicated to bad art was at times crushing. Worse still, it strictly limited the staff's ability to partake in quality junkets -- no travelling to exotic locales for the annual meetings of the Steering Committee of the Northeast Regional Bad Art Museum Association of America.

You can imagine, therefore the joy at the MOBA offices last week when the museum was contacted by the recently formed Ohio Bad Artist's Guild -- OBAG. The bond of family was cemented immediately upon visiting OBAG's website ( and feasting our eyes on bad art from the Buckeye State.

While perusing OBAG's on-line gallery, MOBA's Exhibitions Dept came upon a breathtaking and mysterious nude entitled "My Love For You is Like an Etch-A-Sketch". Emails filled with mutual admiration flew back and forth and within hours, the object Of MOBA's desire was winging it's way eastward, on loan from OBAG. "My Love For You Is Like An Etch-A-Sketch" will arrive in the flesh, so to speak, just in time for the opening Of MOBA's upcoming "BUCK Naked -- Nothing but Nudes" exhibition this weekend.

We extend our endless and unbounded thanks to OBAG for their generosity in so quickly arranging the inter-museum loan of such a cherished artwork. MOBA will be proud to reciprocate for a future OBAG exhibition.

Meanwhile, the MOBA staff is hard at work drafting bylaws for a proposed American Federation Of Bad Art Museums (AFBAM) and trying to nail down a conference center at a suitable Caribbean island for the first meeting.


Bowing to unrelenting public demand, MOBA's Dept of Electronic Communication has just begun archiving back issues of The MOBA News on the MOBA website ( Initially the previous 5 issues have been archived. As time permits, the 55 earlier issues will eventually also be added to the archive. We believe this important research resource will prove invaluable to the worldwide community of bad art scholars in the years to come.


On the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, a myriad of visitors to MOBA's Permanent Gallery in Dedham MA were delighted by a special treat. The bi-annual Changing Of The Selection, (known as CHAOS within certain staff circles) is normally a very secretive affair. On this run up to the millenium, the gallery crew threw caution to the wind, so that the CHAOS took place in broad fluorescent light before the very eyes of the bad art loving public.

Under normal circumstances some thirty-five works are hung in the MOBA's Permanent Gallery in Dedham. During the changing, upwards of 60 pieces moved rapidly in and out of the archival storage vault and the Acquisition Dept vehicles double-parked at the curb as paintings were switched and swapped and sometimes re-hung. And as if all this giddy excitement were not enough, eight new submissions were presented to the gallery crew for forwarding to the Esteemed Curator.

When all was done, the new exhibit at the Permanent Gallery finally comprised 45 pieces from the Permanent Collection, with not a naked person in sight. The show ranges from the seminal works in the lobby ("Lucy in the Field With Flowers", "Pablo Presley", "Swamette's Secret", etc.) to perennial favorites ("Pals", "May In the Mountains", "The Footbridge") and includes many never before seen works. Outstanding amongst these new acquisitions are:

Made For Each Other
Acrylic on board by Sidney Freeman
Donated by the Artist

He goes out where she goes in
He loves her breasts, she loves his grin
He is fat where she is thin
LunchDates rules
They both win

- - - - -

Just Say No
Oil on Canvas by Artist unknown
Sent anonymously in the mail

A sleeping gorilla awakens as Lord Byron, but blows it by drinking the pink stuff straight from the beaker.

- - - - -

St. Patza de Benevento
Pencil and gouache by Patza
Donated by Chip Taylor, Cabot, VT

A cool blue depiction of a bloated cyclopedic beauty on a park bench watching the transformation of tiny bluebirds into grotesque steroidal feathered flying muffins who are strangely attracted to her.

- - - - -

Sightless Dog With Ear Infection
Acrylic on Canvas by artist unknown
Donated by Jennifer Smith, Cambridge MA

A very resistible poster pup from an unnamed Humane Society. His eyeless sockets seem to whisper "Pick me up or put me down".

Well, "Hello, MOBA!"

Inspired by your efforts, I am beginning to construct The GORC (Gallery of Regrettable Ceramics), it being largely a collection of yard sale items. The GORC's motto: "Where Tchotchkes Go to Die."

The GORC is looking for donations, and would like you to spread the word amongst your supporters.

Sincerely yours,
Ray Welch
Director, GORC

- - - - - - - - -

Hey MOBA-ites (sounds vaguely biblical)--
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my recent visit to the museum's permanent collection in Dedham. I went there with my new girlfriend (who lives nearby) and we both laughed and cried till we were in danger of peeing our pants

Anyway, y'all (I usually live in Kentucky, you see) contributed to the cementing of our affections, what with the fact that the visit proved how much we have in common. So now we know: Bad Art can happen to Good People.

Would you please put me on your email list for the occasional issue of The MOBA News. I promise I'll be on the lookout for Art Gone Bad in Kentucky's many trash-tips.

Much obliged,
Tom Baker, Ph.D. (and I don't just play one on TV)

- - - - - - - - -

Dear MOBA,
In regards to your new show -- "BUCK NAKED -- Nothing But Nudes". Are you going to produce a coffee table book or a calendar commemorating this collection- within-a-collection? And are you going to call it All the Nudes That's Fit to Print?

Marian Allen


MOBA's upcoming exhibition "BUCK NAKED -- Nothing But Nudes" will be held at the Blue Hill Spa in Norwood MA.

From MOBA's Permanent Gallery in Dedham Center:
Take Route 1 South towards Norwood
About 1 mile down Route. 1 you'll cross Route. 95 (AKA Route. 128)
From Route. 95 (AKA 128):
Take Exit 15B -- Route. 1 South towards Norwood THEN From Intersection of Route. 95 and Route. 1
Follow Route. 1 for 4 1/2 miles to the third set of traffic lights (at Petco) and turn left.
Go to end of short road and turn left onto Vanderbilt Avenue.
Blue Hill Spa is in the 3rd building on the left -- in the same building as the Norwood Gymnasium Academy


The MOBA 2000 Calendar captures 13 of the 20th century's bad art masterpieces for display in the 21st century. While the entire industrialized world comes crashing down around you, enjoy the sublime pleasures of the MOBA Permanent Collection. You'll be the hit of your neighborhood Y2K bunker. Order today, time is running out, the end of the world is nigh.

To order these or any other items from the ever expanding line of 100% genuine MOBA products, contact Backyard Computing at (617) 444-6757 and ask for a catalog or order directly from MOBA's website (

*** VISA and MasterCard accepted while the computers are still running ***


If you have any friends, relatives, neighbors etc. who are suitable candidates to become Friends Of MOBA -- send us their email address and we will begin the arduous induction process immediately.

- - - - - - - - -

MOBA's Permanent Gallery

MOBA's Permanent Gallery is conveniently located 8 miles south of downtown Boston in the basement of the Dedham Community Theater, 580 High St, Dedham MA. The current exhibition "More Bad Art" features forty-five pieces spanning the full range of the MOBA Permanent Collection. Gallery opening hours are 6:30-10pm during the week and 1:30-10pm on weekends and holidays.

Admission to MOBA is always free, with steep discounts for children, senior citizens, local residents.


In keeping with long-standing news industry standards we feel compelled to publicly correct our mistakes -- i.e. by burying the correction at the back of the following issue. Our apologies to Janet Gold, the donor of "Locked In". We erroneously reported in the previous edition Of MOBA News that the painting was donated by her sister Julie. "Locked In" will be unveiled at next Sunday's event with the proper accreditation. | All contents ©2004 The Museum Of Bad Art. All rights reserved. | Updated 03.15.2004 | Contact MOBA