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The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) Newsletter, Issue #62
December 17, 1999


This Special Last-Of-The-Millennium Issue of the MOBA News is dedicated to the Friends Of MOBA without whom there would be no point. Any mention Of MOBA Staff, Board Members, Directors or Self-Serving Executives in this issue of The MOBA News is incidental and deeply regretted by the MOBA Staff, Board members, Directors and Self Serving Executives and *Special* Assistants.


Due to the selfless donation of time and effort of Friends Of MOBA too numerous to enumerate, the opening of "BUCK NAKED -- Nothing But Nudes" at the Blue Hill Spa in Norwood was an incalculable success.

Attired in evening wear or simple white towels, bathing suits and holiday paraphernalia, the hordes poured in to see 45 of the worst nude works of art ever collected in one spa. Bologna sandwiches garnished with mustard smiley faces were served to the art hungry patrons who washed the goodies down with liberal lashings of mixed berry cool aid.

Guest of Honor Jim Schulman traveled all the way from Pennsylvania to participate in the placement of "Sunday on the Pot with George" in a special spot directly outside the Steam Room. Mr. Schulman donated the painting to MOBA four years and was delighted to once again be able to lay his eyes upon the pointillist masterpiece.

Throughout the evening, many Friends Of MOBA soaked up the steam and submitted to the soothing hands of Darlene, massage therapist par excellence who worked on willing bodies. Such a level of relaxation has rarely been achieved at a MOBA opening as guests serenely contemplated the MOBA classics nudes and many previously unseen works gracing the enormous walls and halls of the Blue Hill Spa.

From the smallest new nude...

I See London
Photograph by artist unknown. Rescued from trash by Chuck Furbush.

This wonderful monochrome captures the sheer unadulterated joy of a forty-five year old two hundred pound woman climbing a tree while clad only in underpants.

to the largest ....

Please Sit Still
A lot of paint on Canvas by N Hottle. Donated by the artist.

A seven foot by eight foot depiction of a gray hairless woman nailed to the seat. Her two left arms, one of which is draped with a bright green severed male member, both point off canvas as if to say, "Quick, Look over there."

... the many new acquisitions were well received by the gathered throngs.

Special thanks to those who contributed by hanging the paintings on the Saturday night preceding the event, and to the AAA guy who jump started the Director of Aesthetic Interpretation's car full of bad nudes which gave up the ghost on the way to the hanging.


Received your issue Of MOBA News, November 10, 1999, and was delighted to learn that you have now moved from the basement toilets of a motion picture theater to a more exciting, and probably more fragrant, massage parlor venue.

Myron B Shure

- - - - - - - - -

Dear MOBA,
We are the Art Department for NYPD BLUE, located at Twentieth Century Fox Studios in Los Angeles, and are major followers of MOBA. In fact we have set up (to the envy of the art departments of THE X-FILES, DARMA & GREG, AND THEN CAME YOU) our own mini museum which we are quite proud of.

Of course people think it is easy to have a museum of bad art it is not, as we are sure that you know. We just can't take anything, and of course it has to be wonderfully bad art.

Anyway, we were wondering if there was thoughts about an L.A. extension Of MOBA?

Please let us know, and the best of luck with BUCK NAKED!!!!!


Dear NYPD Blue,
We are delighted to hear that the NYPD BLUE Art Department are such avid supporters of our important work.

We are particularly honored because as far as we remember -- NYPD presented its own prime time BUCK NAKED (or was that BUTT NAKED) episode a few years back.

Jerry Reilly
Executive Director, Museum Of Bad Art

- - - - - - - - -

Dear MOBA,
While eating lunch, my order Of MOBA calendars and the MOBA Book arrived in the mail. WARNING! Do not look at or read these items with your mouth full of food or drink!

The results can be disastrous to an otherwise tasteless holiday gift.

Ruth Ashworth

Brainwave, of Essex, England has secured exclusive English rights to use the MOBA 2000 calendar as their year-end corporate gift.

Opportunities are still open in the US for corporate Friends Of MOBA who want to shower their clients with attention and bad art. Contact Backyard Computing (781 444 6757) to arrange your corporate purchase.

Some Friends Of MOBA have procrastinated and now fear that they will not be able to order their MOBA 2000 calendars in time for Christmas and New Year gift giving. In response to this anxiety, and to the anxiety of the museum being stuck with a warehouse full of unsold calendars -- the MOBA Board of Directors has prevailed upon our gift distributor to make this offer:

Any order of two or more MOBA 2000 calendars will be sent to a US address by Priority Mail, with no extra shipping charge.

Priority Mail, as the Post Office often assures us, usually arrives in two days.

Canadian Friends Of MOBA can get Global Priority shipments for a mere $3. Friends Of MOBA in other countries should contact Backyard Computing (001 781 444 6757) to see what can be done (private courier perhaps) on your two calendar order.


When the Friends Of MOBA are called to help, they respond instantly, copiously and at length. The last edition of The MOBA News contained an appeal for assistance from "Collette" who had contacted the Museum in her search for artists who work on velvet. The response was overwhelming and global with suggestions pouring in from the Philippines, U.S. and England. All responses were forwarded to "Collette" and a new work of art has been commissioned. And the winner is... Laura Hazlett, who sent the following to MOBA.

Dear MOBA,
I just love you guys! I am a painter of black velvet & got a call from a woman who got my name from the MOBA website & would like to commission me to do a painting. My question is, who submitted my name to the site & how come I couldn't find myself when I went there? I'm pleased as punch at the referral but don't know how I got there.

Keep up the bad work,
Laura Hazlett

A big congratulation to Laura, and to her friend Josh who submitted her name and phone number. And a big congratulation to "Colette" for having the wisdom to contact this humble establishment for help.


Dear MOBA,
Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art is a long established group of collectors in Chicago with over 600 members.

Our special interest is in self-taught art. At the present writing, we are preparing for an Elvis Presley show where many artists are contributing their interpretation of Elvis on black velvet which we are providing. If any of your members are in Chicago, they would be most welcome to attend our show which opens on January 8, 2000. at

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art
756 North Milwaukee Avenuenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622


The MOBA 2000 Calendar captures 13 of the 20th century's bad art masterpieces for display in the 21st century. While the entire industrialized world comes crashing down around you, enjoy the sublime pleasures of the MOBA Permanent Collection. You'll be the hit of your neighborhood Y2K bunker. Order today, time is running out, the end of the world is nigh.

To order these or any other items from the ever expanding line of 100% genuine MOBA products, contact Backyard Computing at (617) 444-6757 and ask for a catalog or order directly from MOBA's website (

*** VISA and MasterCard accepted while the computers are still running ***


If you have any friends, relatives, neighbors etc. who are suitable candidates to become Friends Of MOBA -- send us their email address and we will begin the arduous induction process immediately.

- - - - - - - - -

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