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The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) Newsletter, Issue #72
October 2003


Last May, the Museum Of Bad Art's Board of Directors convened yet another committee, "The MOBA Board Committee on Issues of Publication, Re-Publication, or Non-Publication." The PRPN has now declared an impasse. Their decision was whether MOBA should re-publish the 1996 hit book, "The Museum Of Bad Art: Art Too Bad To Be Ignored" by Tom Stankowicz and Marie Jackson.

Many Friends Of MOBA have asked us to bring back the book. But it's an expensive undertaking and we don't want to end up unloading them on eBay for $2 each. The Committee had two factions, the "Just Do It" crowd and the "Yeah, But What If" contingent.

The first, as you might suspect, get red in the face shouting that the world needs this book. They say that we should print it and charge $50 a copy to make sure that MOBA's institutional funds are quickly replaced. They are not interested in the argument that no one will buy the book at that price. They say things like "If only 2% Of MOBA's fans buy it, we're in the money!"

The "Yeah, But What If" bunch worry that no matter what the price and the quantity, the books will sit in cartons in the already cramped MOBA loading dock, never to be sold.

If the books are to be available in time for holiday gifts, a decision must be made within days. The ever practical Parker McGurl (*Special* Assistant to the Executive Director) has a plan to break the impasse. Parker says we should ask the Friends Of MOBA.

So we are taking a quick, unscientific poll to determine whether you, our supporters, are likely to buy enough copies to make this feasible. If you are not familiar with this book, go to and look up "Museum Of Bad Art" to see a photo and read reviews. But don't pay inflated prices for used copies.

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If you could have it in time for holiday gift giving, how many copies of this book would you order? Price will be $15 or less, with quantity discounts. We won't hold you to this, but it will give us an idea of how many Friends Of MOBA really are clamoring for a reprint. Send a note to, and let us know how many you think you would order.

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Order your t-shirts, posters, note cards, and check out the travel book specials. Don't wait til the last minute and have your loved ones miss out on those MOBA gifts that they've been asking for.

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When friends ask how they can subscribe to Museum Of Bad Art News, tell them to send visit our website and sign up at

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