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Museum Of Bad Art
DEC 25, 2000 | The Museum Of Bad Art is a wonderful monument to the work of unrecognized bad artists everywhere. (techtv)
Small Wonders
"One person's trash is another's treasure." (Panorama)
Exhibit Review
1998 | What is bad art anyway? (ffwd weekly)
Little Museums
If you ever dreamed that your very own paintings might end up on the walls of a museum, this is the museum. (Little Museums)
Cool Pick Site of the Day
OCT 11, 1999 | Through the miracle of plastic, MOBA presented a shrink wrapped selection of it's most well known works in a Drive-Thru. (
Museum Oddities
JUL 1, 2001 | There are many more strange museums out there. (Violivia)
Bad Taste Tour: Museum of Bad Art
OCT 10, 2003 | Cash Peters makes it his mission to find museums in every city and town he rolls into. (The Savvy Traveler)
America's weird museums
Thankfully, there is a museum where you can trust your judgment and laugh out loud. (Infoplease)
Citysearch Editorial Review
Unassuming, moldy-smelling basement of a movie theater houses a brilliant collection of less-than-stellar art. (Boston Citysearch)
The seven wackiest museums in America
DEC 4, 2000 | These paintings may not be priceless -- the most expensive rings up at a hefty $6.50 -- but they are definitely heinous (
bad art bonanza
Today, art lovers seek out found-art masterpieces for their primitive honesty, poetic forgottenness -- and low price. (artnet)

Pink flamingo fans dislike new, bare-bottom lawn ornaments
JAN 17, 2002 | Some, including the Museum of Bad Art and The Annals of Improbable Research, are calling for a boycott of the new, bare-butted bird. (The Daily Beacon)
Join the Plastic Pink Flamingo Boycott!
DEC 12, 2001 | Genuine classic pink flamingos have a signature on the butt. (HotAIR)

Bad art finds a home
NOV 9, 2003 | Arne Spangberg visits a gallery which collects paintings it considers too third-rate to be thrown away (Sunday Times, South Africa)
A moveable feast
Our 15 seniors join us for a black-tie banquet at the museum of bad art. (The Crimson)
Off the wall
Boston's overlooked museums celebrate the good, the bad and the ugly of Bean Town (NorthEast Traveler)
> Launches Honor Payment System
FEB 7, 2001 | Based on's 1-Click shopping technology, the system allows fans of authors or websites to give as little as $1 with a click of the mouse. (The Write News)
The Museum Of Bad Art, MOBA, has just learned that the April 29 edition of America's most tawdry newspaper, the National Enquirer, features the (in)famous museum. (Arts4all)
NOV 27, 2000 | A meticulously drawn, pointillist rendering of an elderly man sitting on a toilet seat. (Brandweek)
Canvas Catastrophes
JUL 1995 | Antiques dealer Scott Wilson spends a lot of time fishing through thrift stores and junk sales (Wired Magazine)