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MOBA News is the leading journal in the field of bad art. It is published electronically and sporadically and is distributed free to Friends of MOBA in good standing.

There is no better publication for keeping up to date with all late breaking developments in the world of bad art. Read about recent MOBA acquisitions and events, inside reports of controversial bad art issues, and editorials by leading authorities.

What does it take to attain the coveted status, Friend of MOBA? A working email address and the ability to somehow tell us what it is. We will then assume that you are willing to commit your life to bad art and will enroll you. Would you like to join our preeminent institution?

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MOBA Media Sightings

Times of London The prestigious Times of London has recognized MOBA as one of the 50 Greatest Museums in the world!
See the complete list

TravelNerd The website has included MOBA on their list of the World's Top 10 Weirdest Museums
See the complete list

Good Experience Live conference MOBA's Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director presented MOBA's concept and history to an appreciative audience. (Warning: this is about 20 minutes long).

Wikipedia on MOBA Their researcher did a good job. She even fact-checked with MOBA staff. This heavily footnoted article tells you more than you wanted to know about the Museum of Bad Art

NPR's Morning Edition. Interview with Mike Frank, MOBA's Curator-in-Chief. NPR helpfully provides a print version of the article too.

Roadside America The Online Guide to Offbeat Tourist Attractions, came to visit.

The New York Times included MOBA (of course) in an article about "Lowbrow Art". Not sure we agree with the characterization. Lowbrow is not a word we would use to describe our collection or our fans.

Failure magazine (online) featured MOBA. Since we celebrate an artist's right to fail, this seems fitting.

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Since our founding, we received at least three messages suggesting that we archive back issues of MOBA News. This archive is in response to the overwhelming demand.

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