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In This Issue: Issue # 100, March 15, 2010 
•   Bigger, Better, Beautifuler
•   Interpretate? Yes, Interpretate
•   Become a MOBA Interpretator
•   Mrs Palin at MOBA?
•   And the Winner is
•   Recent Acquisition: Eye Wish Eye Were . . .
Bigger, Better, Beautifuler
Here in the MOBA Ivory Tower, we have always believed that Bigger is Better. Our newest exhibit includes many of our largest pieces, including "None So Blind." shown here.

EXHIBIT OPENING is, appropriately, on April 1 at our Somerville location (in the basement of the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square. Please join us for an unveiling or two, some traditional MOBA refreshments, and a chance to hob nob with MOBA dignitaries and like-minded art aficionados.

None So Blind
Acrylic on Canvas
Acquired from trash in Hyde Park

The maniac wiry plants, the opaque spectacles, the long limbed body frozen with tension, even as it shies away from our curiosity. Everything in this rigid canvas silently implores us to avert our gaze.

Can't get to Somerville? This book will help.

Become a MOBA Interpretator
This piece has been in the MOBA collection for many years. Our efforts to interpretate it have always come up short. What does it say to you?

. . by Unknown
. . approx 4.5 ft x 6 ft
. . acrylic on canvas

You could become an "Official MOBA Guest Interpretator". Submit an inspired title for this work, along with your interpretation. The winner will receive a free copy of "Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks" as well as the unequivocal honor of interpretating an official specimen of the MOBA gallery. The competition runs until May 31, 2010. Send your title and interpretation, of no more than 150 words (we're serious about that), to:

Contest Details

Nameless #7
And the Winner is
by Unknown
42" x 18"
oil on canvas
purchased at a Boston thrift store

Exemplarizing expressionism, angst-filled symbols abound. His hair ablaze and sweater Thulian pink, Youth stands lit in superior opposition to monochrome, cadaverous Age below. Youth has vivacity, but waits patiently. His counterpart may be a Munchian Screamer who has settled into calm acceptance. Other influences might include members of Der Blaue Reiter group such August Macke, Albert Bloch and Wassily Kadinsky, for whom blue represented spirituality. Without provenance, we can only guess; perhaps the artist chose to remain anonymous to emphasize The Unknown.

We ride on an uncertain sea, our decks awash. Is that sunrise or sunset on the horizon? Is the dark cerulean storm waxing or waning? Where does deck end and sea begin? Will Youth sail on and leave Age behind, or descend to join him? We finally notice that that the artist has placed us all aboard… and our sinking ship is maroon.

This remarkable prose is the work of Scott Iverson of Highlandville, IA. Mr Iverson is hereby recognized as a Guest Interpretator of the Museum of Bad Art. An autographed copy of Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks" is on its way to Highlandville. Congratulations and thank you!

Interpretate? Yes, Interpretate
We received this note recently:

I am a fan of the website, and just wanted to point out that the site is littered with the word 'interpretate' which is, of course, a blunder on the word interpret. I am unaware if the use of this spelling is for ironic or comedic purposes (ie bad grammar commenting on bad art) but I thought I should point it out nonetheless. Have no fears, I remain a fan of the Museum of Bad Art, and constantly introduce newcomers to the site.

Yours in earnest,
Jacob Robert Douglas Sturrup

Our response was quick and certain:

Dear Jacob,

The introduction to our fine publication, Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks, includes, "Some of the works [in the MOBA collection] are so enigmatic that merely interpreting their significance is insufficient; the works demand to be interpretated." I assure you our use of the word interpretate is not a blunder; we here in the MOBA Ivory Tower took it upon ourselves to add the word to the lexicon. If anyone finds this "ironic or comedic", so be it. I gather you do not.

As always I remain,

Michael Frank, Curator-in-Chief
Museum of Bad Art

MOBA giftshop

Mrs Palin at MOBA?
L. Kolton
24"x30", oil on canvas
Purchased at a Somerville, MA thrift store
donated by Erika Tarlin, 12/2009

Surrounded by soft drapes, flowers, and a bowl of fruit, a comely woman wearing a loosely tied robe demurely blushes as she reads what may be a steamy romance novel. Further examination may reveal that this is a painting of Governor Sarah Palin perusing one of the various news magazines she reads regularly; the names of which she famously fails to remember.

Recent Acquisition: Eye Wish Eye Were . . .
48" x 14", oil on canvas
Purchased at Brimfield Antique Fair (9/09)
donated by Cindi Chapman (12/09)
MOBA #463

This monochrome portrait of a young boy, repellent and yet compelling, is fraught with unanswerable questions. Where is his right big toe, does he have a right hand, and why is he portrayed wearing nothing but a short sleeve shirt that is obviously too small to fit over his belly; seemingly swollen in an unlikely pregnancy?


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