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In This Issue: Issue # 101, March 21, 2010 
•   Why So Soon?
•   Are You a Neon Artist?
•   Russian TV is Coming
•   Summer Internships
•   Exhibit Opening
Why So Soon?
MOBA News is usually published 5 or 6 times a year. Why 2 in one week? Because there's a lot to tell.

Russian TV is Coming
We've just learned that a Russian news team will be visiting MOBA Somerville on Monday, March 22. If you're in the Boston area, stop in around 12:30 or 1 and say hello. Maybe you'll end up on TV in Russia.

MOBA's Somerville gallery is located in the basement of the Somerivlle Theatre, 55 Davis Square. The doors will still be locked at this time. When you get there, call the Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director at 781 690 6621 and we'll let you in.

Davis Square
Exhibit Opening
Everyone who lives and works in the cavernous halls of the MOBA Ivory Tower believes that in art, as in life, size matters. We have gathered some of the largest pieces in the Permanent Collection as well as some recent acquisitions and old favorites to present: Bigger, Badder, Beautifuller. This show opens in Somerville on April 1.
The Opening Reception will be 7 to 8pm in our Somerville Gallery, 55 Davis Square. All are invited. You need not buy a movie ticket to gain admittance!

There will be light (and appropriate) music and refreshments. Beer and wine are available for purchase in the movie theatre lobby.

If you have art that you want to donate to MOBA, bring it along. Curator-in-Chief, Mr Michael Frank, will evaluate it on the spot.

Dress code is non-existent, though creative attire is encouraged. Mr Frank will undoubtedly wear his tuxedo; he seldom misses an opportunity. Others will surely be wearing shorts and t-shirts.

If you're a student in the Boston area, please let others at your school know about this event, which will include:

. . . PEARL
. . . James Gann, 1994
. . . 6'x4', oil on canvas
. . . Found in his Brooklyn, NY
. . . basement and donated by Olaf
. . . MOBA catalog #464

Olaf and the MOBA Curatorial staff endured many fruitless hours and headache remedies attempting to decipher the grotesque faces, disjointed body parts, amorphous shapes, paint drips, and other abstract elements in this work. The obvious conclusion, the pink elephant in the room, as it were, is that they are simply there to provide textural background for Pearl, who dances joyfully over everything.

Are You a Neon Artist?
The MOBA Maintenance Crew needed the largest truck in the motor pool as well as reinforcements from the Logistics and Development Department to retrieve and install this recent acquisition.

. . . Anonymous
. . . 6' x 6', mixed media
. . . (acrylic on canvas, non-functioning neon tubes)
. . . Salvaged from a loading dock in Boston, MA
. . . after a tip from UPS driver Bob Bean
. . . MOBA # 465

His long sideburns and blond curly hair indicate that the ruggedly handsome subject, with his lantern jaw, perfect teeth, and movie-star good looks, was painted sometime in the 1970's; a wild and crazy decade in which principles of fashion and taste were indelibly changed.

This is one of the largest pieces in the MOBA collection. The two neon lights in the hat are currently inoperable. There was originally a third neon tube that has been lost.

Prior to its acquisition, this important work was vandalized by someone who apparently believed it was a clever idea to add a mustache with a ball point pen. The MOBA Conservatory Department is currently researching ways to repair this painting, and hopes patrons will refrain from touching this and all the other pieces on display.

This new MOBA acquisition needs repair. We would like to repair the existing neon lights, and, if possible, replace the missing neon along the top of the hat brim. If you can help, please send a note to

Summer Internships
Around this time every year we hear from students who would like to apply for summer jobs or internships with MOBA. We are happy to entertain such applications. We would be happy for help with small and large tasks, including:
- - repaint and refurbish our Dedham location
- - completely reorganize physical archives
- - bring us up to date in the social networking world
- - redesign, then implement an electronic filing system
- - - - - - and more.

Internship candidate must understand that they will paid exactly the same as MOBA's regular staff. This means no pay, no per diems, no bonus, no housing assistance, no mileage reimbursements. Further, we supply no office space.

To apply for such an internship, email


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