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In This Issue: Issue # 102, March 25, 2010 
•   Bigger, Badder, Beautifuller, April 8
•   "Good Experience Live" in NYC
•   MOBA in Brookline
•   MOBA on Facebook
•   MOBA is Officially Highbrow Cultcha
Bigger, Badder, Beautifuller, April 8
Everyone who lives and works in the cavernous halls of the MOBA Ivory Tower believes that in art, as in life, size matters. We have decided to gather some of the largest pieces in the Permanent Collection as well as some recent acquisitions and old favorites to present: BIGGER,... BADDER, BEAUTIFULLER.

We apologize for any confusion, but a scheduling conflict at the Somerville Theatre forced us to change the date of the opening.

Don your festive attire (or not) and join us from 7 to 8 pm on Thursday, April 8 in the MOBA gallery in the basement of the Somerville Theatre, 55 Davis Square. Admission is free. Appropriate light refreshments will be served. Beer and wine may be purchased in the theatre lobby.

If you have art that you want to donate to MOBA, bring it along. Curator-in-Chief, Mr Michael Frank, will evaluate it on the spot.

Included in this exhibit:

. . . Anonymous
. . . 48" x 14", oil on canvas
. . . Purchased at Brimfield Antique Fair (9/09)
. . . donated by Cindi Chapman (12/09)

This monochrome portrait of a young boy, repellent and yet compelling, is fraught with unanswerable questions. Where is his right big toe, does he have a right hand, and why is he portrayed wearing nothing but a short sleeve shirt that is obviously too small to fit over his belly; seemingly swollen in an unlikely pregnancy?

MOBA in Brookline
MOBA's third permanent gallery opens this weekend. Brookline Access Television has provided us gallery space in their brand new facility, located right beside the Brookline Hills T station.

The new facility has two large filming studios, computer labs, editing rooms, and the theater space. It’s decorated with large flat-screen televisions, a welcome desk with a scrolling, lighted sign, and gallery space for the Museum of Bad Art and for Brookline Open Studios, which features local artists.

BATV invites everyone to an Opening Reception on Sunday, March 28, 3 to 6 pm. The studio is on the top floor of Brookline High School's Unified Arts Building at 46 Tappan Street.

We've hung a dozen MOBA paintings, including this old favorite:

. . . Sunday On The Pot With George
. . . Unknown
. . . Oil on Canvas
. . . 37” x 22”, acrylic on canvas
. . . Donated by Jim Schulman

Can the swirling steam melt away the huge weight of George’s corporate responsibilities? This pointillist piece is curious for meticulous attention to fine detail, such as the stitching around the edge of the towel, in contrast to the almost careless disregard for the subject’s feet.

Need more MOBA art? How about a poster?

Sunday on the Pot With
MOBA is Officially Highbrow Cultcha
Your Web site has been named as one of "American Mensa Top 50 Web sites in 2010". American Mensa is an organization open to anyone who scores in the top two percent on an accepted, standardized intelligence test. Members cast more than 10,000 votes within a three month process until 50 Web sites were selected to receive the honor of Mensa recognition.

Members of Mensa attend local and national events, join special interest groups such as astronomy and philosophy, and help out in their communities through various projects. For more information about Mensa, or to apply for membership, visit or call (800) 66-MENSA.

Best Regards,

Monica Hatley
Marketing Assistant, American Mensa

Complete list of Mensa's Top 50

Eye With Eye Were an 
Oscar Meyer Weiner
"Good Experience Live" in NYC
MOBA has been invited to speak at a unique event. Gel ("Good Experience Live") is a conference and community exploring good experience in all its forms -- in business, art, society, technology, and life.

The 2010 Gel Conference is April 29-30 at the Times Center in NY. Traditional MOBA events are free. Gel costs plenty. But it promises to be plenty of fun.

MOBA's Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director, Louise Reilly Sacco is speaking at Gel on Friday Morning, April 30. We'll bring along plenty of MOBA art and a slide show with lots more bad art.

Gel Conference info.

MOBA on Facebook
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