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In This Issue: Issue # 103, July 21, 2010 
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MOBA on Facebook
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And the Winner Is . .
Congratulations to Kate Hartman, winner of MOBA Contest #8, which was to NAME AND INTERPRETATE this painting. After reading and rereading the hundreds of clever and scholarly entries from erudite MOBA fans, we selected her interpretation:

. . Anonymous
. . 5 ft x 4 ft
. . acrylic paint on canvas
. . With a stylistic salute to the intricate patterns of the Art-Deco
. . movement, the skillfully executed background evokes fabric and
. . sponge-painted walls in this piece that captures the essence of
. . meaninglessness. Floating inexplicably in the foreground is
. . the dramatic isolated figure of a woman in contrapposto pose,
. . curiously shrouded in a Bollywood belly-dancer costume. The
. . artist cleverly avoided painting the hands and feet, and devoted
. . more attention to the details of the background pattern than to
. . the face. The contrasting colors, delicate blending, and
. . perplexing placement of a curved aura all amount to a
. . fascinating exploration of ambiguity.

Ms Hartman is entitled (and encouraged) to use the title Official MOBA Guest Interpretator and a copy of the book "Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks" is on its way to her.

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Create a Mousterpiece
MOBA is always pleased to hear of others who stretch the definitions of art. The movie DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS stars Steve Carell as Barry, a guy who creates mousterpieces - elaborate dioramas starring mice.

Mouse-based dioramas will never make it to the MOBA collection. But we are pleased to spread the word about a mousterpiece contest.

Paramount Pictures and DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS want you to create your own "Mousterpiece"! Sketch, model, or paint an artistic interpretation of mice re-enacting a famous work of art or a major scene from history and you could WIN tickets to an advanced screening of DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS on July 28 or a Dinner for Schmucks prize pack.

Barry (Steve Carell) elaborate dioramas range from a rodent rendition of 'The Last Supper' to a mousy model of a Benjamin Franklin discovering electricity. Take a look at some of mousterpieces by Barry.

Paramount has been generous. Submit a mousterpiece or comment on the creations of others. Then let us know what you have done. Until they run out, we will get you two movie passes for a preview screening at the Regal Fenway theater in Boston. We will also be giving away Dinner For Shmucks posters, bottle openers, hats, etc.

Post photos of your own

Dinner For Schmucks contest
MOBA Director Knocks 'Em Dead
MOBA Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director, Louise Reilly Sacco spoke to the GEL Conference in New York to rave reviews. She talked about MOBA history and philosophy, and, of course, about the art.

The entire 20 minute address is here.

Interpretate This
Submit an inspired title for this work, along with an interpretation to enter. The winner will receive a free copy of the book "Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks" as well as have the unequivocal honor of becoming an Official MOBA Guest Interpretator. The competition runs until September 31, 2010. Send your title and interpretation, of no more than 100 words (we are serious about that) to:

. . Norman Wallace, 1965
. . 16"x20", oil on canvas
. . Purchased by M. Frank at a Boston thrift store, September, 2009

Unnamed art

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