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In This Issue: Issue # 104, February 24, 2011 
•   The Best Museum in Boston
•   Museum Of Bad Art on Stage
•   And the Winner Is . .
•   Interpretate This
•   Come to a MOBA Event
•   Recent Acquistion: Flying Forks
The Best Museum in Boston
You know that MOBA is the best museum in Boston. Help make it official.

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Boston Phoenix
And the Winner Is . .
For months, the muffled sounds of heated discussion, intense arguing, and occasional furniture tossing emanted from the locked office and rocked the MOBA Ivory Tower; but the white smoke pouring from the chimney indicates that the judges have agreed upon a winner of the Ninth Guest Interpretator Challenge. He is Joel Srebnick of Newport News VA, the latest Official MOBA Guest Interpretator. In a field of hundreds of entries, Joel's was imaginative, clearly written, unique, and (very importantly) short. He interpretated this painting

Norman Wallace
16"x20", oil on canvas
Purchased at a Boston thrift store, September, 2009

A young boy ponders the flapping wings of a distant bird, shortly after the impact of a flapjack on the side of his head. The delicacy of the bird’s flight is a subtle counterpoint to the delicacy of the pat of butter still embedded in the hitherto airborne breakfast item.

In addition to the honor of being named Official MOBA Guest Interpretator, Mr Srebnick has won a copy of the book "Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks".

Congratulations Mr Srebrick and thank you for your support.

Need more MOBA art? How about a poster?

Come to a MOBA Event
Come and meet MOBA. We have a number of events coming up. We will be talking about MOBA and probably bringing along some MOBA art.

Feb 28, Monday, 6pm, free, ($9 parking) Boston MA
Simmons College School of Management, 5th floor
“How Creativity Brought Us the Museum of Bad Art”
Louise Reilly Sacco, MOBA's Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director
light refreshments, RSVP to:

Dirty Treat - World’s Most Inappropriate Drawing Competition.
MOBA’s Curator-in-Chief, Michael Frank, is an Esteemed Juror
Submit your drawing before March 1, then vote in May.

March 6-April 10, Sunday nights, Chicago IL
Commedia Beauregard at Gorilla Tango Theatre
Details below

March 30, Wednesday, book talk, Tewsbury MA Public Library
"The Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks"

April 6, Wednesday, book talk, Morse Library, Natick MA
"The Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks"

June 23, Thursday, panel discussion, St Paul MN
American Association of Woodturners Annual Symposium

September 10, Saturday, MOBA in Moab (Utah)
MOBA Exhibit at Moab Arts & Recreation Center
part of Moab Artwalk; gallery talks

For details, send a note to As soon as we know, we will tell you.

Simmons event - info & RSVP

Simmons College School of Management
Museum Of Bad Art on Stage
Commedia Beauregard, an independent professional theatre company that performs in Minneapolis/St Paul and Chicago, has commissioned six playwrights select a piece of art from the MOBA Permanent Collection as inspiration for 12-minute play. They will be presented at the Gorilla Tango Theater, Chicago, IL, March 6, 13, 20, 27, and April 3, 10 @ 7pm.
MOBA’s Curator-in-Chief will attend one evening and will talk about MOBA after the performance (date TBA).

More on Commedia Beauregard

Interpretate This
MOBA's Tenth Interpretation Competition concerns this work. Submit a title, along with your interpretation to enter. The winner will receive a free copy of the book "Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks" as well as have the unequivocal honor of becoming an Official MOBA Guest Interpretator. The competition runs until June 30, 2010.

Send your title and interpretation, of no more than 100 words. Notice that Mr Srebnick's winning entry has just 50 words. Send your entry to:

30" x 24", oil on canvas
Purchased at a NYC thrift store,
donated by Amy Fusselman and Frank Snider

Unnamed art

Recent Acquistion: Flying Forks
36" x 46", acrylic on canvas
Rescued from trash in Brighton, MA
donated by Eliot Jackson and Stacy Sylvain

We see young man and young woman sitting face to face in a vaguely defined outdoor setting; the viewer’s prospective is three quarters behind the man. Seemingly oblivious to whatever is going on above and behind her, the woman seems concerned about the mental state of her partner, who maintains a death grip on a dismembered steering wheel. While the significance of the cross in the background is unclear, this painting seems to be visual representation of Yogi Berra’s advice, “When you’re driving an imaginary car and you see a flying fork, take it.”

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