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The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) Newsletter, Special Edition
Excerpted from March edition


Last night (Saturday, March 9) the Museum Of Bad Art held a special event at the museum's original basement gallery at MOBA world headquarters in Boston, MA. The event was a well deserved invitation-only celebration for the cast and crew of the MOBA CD-ROM. As part of the exhibition, six of the museum's most famous pieces were hung on the outside of the building and illuminated with spotlights.

At 1:30am, Mr. Wilson, our esteemed curator, left to go home and discovered that one of the paintings -- "Eileen" had been removed from the exterior of the premises. All of the other paintings were left unharmed. Pandemonium broke out as word of the theft spread through the gathered Friends Of MOBA. This morning the office staff questioned all of the attendees by telephone, to determine if anyone had any evidence about the theft. The only additional information was that two Friends Of MOBA last saw the painting hanging undisturbed at approximately 11:30pm.

This afternoon, the museum filed a report with Boston Police's District 5 station and held a late afternoon press conference to enlist the help of the Boston media. Boston's TV-4 and TV-7 news crews came to the MOBA offices to record a statement for the 11pm newscast.

Jerry Reilly, MOBA's Executive Director told the newscrews: "The theft of this landmark painting is a devestating loss for the institution. 'Eileen' was the second acquisition in the MOBA collection. In a very real way, 'Eileen' provided the inspiration for the building of this museum. Since MOBA's founding in 1993, 'Eileen' has been one of the most beloved pieces of the museum going public. She has served proudly as an icon for the museum since its inception -- adorning the museum's catalog covers, t-shirts, and refrigerator magnets. This heinous crime, this outrageous theft of one of Boston's cultural treasures has shaken this institution to it's very core. On behalf of the Museum Of Bad Art, on behalf of the citizens of Boston I beg those responsible to return 'Eileen' to her rightful home. 'Eileen' means more to us than you can ever imagine -- please, please send her home."

Mr. Wilson, the museum's esteemed curator has offered a $6.50 reward for any information leading to the safe return of Eileen to the MOBA walls. This generous reward will be announced on tonight's newscast. This evening, longtime Friend Of MOBA David Robertson has offered to match the curator's reward penny for penny.

Tommorrow morning's Boston Globe will publish a plea from the museum for the safe return of Eileen along with a reproduction of the painting. We can only hope that through the help of the Boston media and the people of this city we can somehow restore this priceless treasure to its rightful home.

We ask the Friends Of MOBA worldwide to bow their heads in a silent prayer, to whoever their god may be, for the safe and prompt return of Eileen.

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