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We lied. Our "staff" is only a bunch of devoted volunteers, from the man who restores damaged works to the founder. Here's a partial list of the ever-changing, ever-suffering volunteers.

Ms. Louise Sacco
Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director
MOBA's board named Ms. Sacco Interim Executive Director to replace the outgoing Mr. Reilly. Later, MOBA achieved a dream: to be featured by The National Enquirer. While the Board of Directors was still giddy with excitement and champagne, Ms. Sacco reminded them that this happened on her watch and that she deserved permanent appointment. Her unfortuante title is probably due to the champagne.

Mr. Michael Frank
An acolyte who studied under the strict tutelage of the Esteemed Curator, Mr. Frank now heads the entire department.

Mr. Garen Daly
Director of Special Events
Mr. Daly provided MOBA's first public exhibition space as owner of the Dedham Community Theater. He was the first recipient of MOBA's Lucy Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Bad Arts. After selling the theater, he was appointed to MOBA's Board of Directors. Due to difficulties with his computer, Mr. Daly missed his first Board meeting. Staffing decisions were made and he ended up with this appointment.

Parker McGurl
*Special* Assistant to the Executive Director
Parker has been with MOBA almost from the start. There cannot be a more willing worker and Parker is even the second recipient of MOBA's Lucy Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Bad Arts. But Parker was impatient to advance in the organization. Unfortunately, none of the opportunities were suitable. Desperate to improve Parker's rapidly declining morale, Parker was promoted to *Special* Assistant. The asterisks are never omitted.
Louise   Mike
Louise Sacco
Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director

Louise Reilly Sacco is the Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director of the Museum of Bad Art. A founding member of the MOBA team, she originally served as director of financial enablement. A marketing consultant and cohost of the Frugal Yankee Radio Hour, Louise lives in Needham, Massachusetts.

Michael Frank

Michael Frank is the curator-in-chief of the Museum of Bad Art. A professional musician and entertainer with enviable balloon-twisting skills. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

authors of the Book, Museum of Bad Art book, art too bad to be ignored.
Marie   Tom
Marie Jackson
Director of Aesthetic Interpretation

Marie was a founding member of the Museum of Bad Art. Like many MOBA artists , she refuses to be restrained by a lack of formal artistic training or her inability to distinguish one end of a computer keyboard from another.

Jackson resides in Boston, upstairs from the MOBA ‘s original gallery.

She is married to her work, and to MOBA's Founding Executive Director. She has torn herself away from the world of  bad art to pursue other interests, most notably the care and feeding of the best, brightest, most beautiful child you could imagine.
Tom Stankowicz
Director of Imaging and Reproduction

Tom documented the Museum's exhibits and events throughout its early history. His photography has appeared in national publications including Playboy and The Wall Street Journal.

Before his untimely death in 2001, Tom’s photo exhibitions, which included Cartooning, Vinny Criss Has No Teeth, and Five, have delighted masses in the greater Boston area.

Mr. Stankowicz's postcards are still seen on countless refrigerators across the country.

honored past members

Mr. Scott Wilson

Esteemed Curator Emeritus
Mr. Wilson the world's leading authority on bad art is also an arts and antiques dealer. The strain of straddling the worlds of good art and bad art brought him to a crossroads and he is no longer with MOBA.

Mr. Jerry Reilly
Executive Director (former)
MOBA's founding Executive Director stepped down to pursue other interests.

Longtime MOBA supporter Garen Daly received the first annual "Lucy" award for lifetime achievement in bad art. Among Mr. Daly's many accomplishments:
Donated "Pablo Presley", unbeknownst to the artist -- Bonnie Daly, Mr. Daly's sister-in-law. Bonnie's first inkling that her painting had been submitted to MOBA was when the Wall Street Journal called to ask her about it
Donated the gallery space for MOBA's Permanent Gallery in Dedham MA
Donated the use of his movie theater in Norwood MA as the lobby on the CD-ROM
Lent his resonant voice as the narrator and Head of the Shipping Room in the Virtual Museum Of Bad Art CD-ROM

Few people have ever contributed so much to so many in the field of bad art. We only look forward to the day that Mr. Daly puts brush to canvas. | All contents © 2018 The Museum Of Bad Art. All rights reserved. | Contact MOBA