MOBA Art Too Bad To Be Ignored
a work of art
48" x 24", oil on canvas
MOBA #202

Oblivious to the advancing lava flow, the lovely iconic tropical spokeswoman calmly gives us an alluring wink of the eye as all hell breaks loose behind her.

I'm Chiquita banana and I've come to say
Bananas have to ripen in a certain way
When they are fleck'd with brown and have a golden hue
Bananas taste the best and are best for you
You can put them in a salad
You can put them in a pie-aye
Any way you want to eat them
It's impossible to beat them
But, bananas like the climate of the very, very tropical equator
So you should never put bananas in the refrigerator

© lyrics by Garth Montgomery, music Ken MacKenzie, 1944 | All contents © 2017 The Museum Of Bad Art. All rights reserved. | Contact MOBA