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Acrylic on canvas by Sandy Winslow
Acquired by Scott Wilson from trash

All the better to see you with, my dear.

Additional Information
A selection of four of Mr. Winslows were exhibited as part of MOBA's "I Just Can't Stop Exhibition" at the Permanent Gallery in Dedham, MA.

A friend of Mr. Winslow spotted the painting and informed the artist that he was featured at the MOBA gallery. Mr. Winslow called the MOBA office last month to tell us that he had far worse at his studio. Mr. Wilson, our Esteemed Curator, visited Winslow's studio and concurred with his judgement.

This exhibition, "All The Better To See you With" featured a selection of Mr. Winslow's three-eyed flourescent portraits. | All contents ©2004 The Museum Of Bad Art. All rights reserved. | Updated 03.15.2004 | Contact MOBA