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Swamette's Secret

Swamette's Secret
Acrylic on canvas by Unknown
Acquired by Patricia Deardorff and Leigh Weesner from a San Diego thrift store

Calm clear shapes, multiple repeating patterns, a thickly textured aura and little red shoes come together to conceal or reveal the eternal complexity of simple truths in this exploration of the human psyche.

Additional Information
Dear Sirs,

The Museum Of Bad Art is thrilled to announce the newest addition to the permanent collection, "Swamette's Secret". We are stunned that Patricia and Leigh would have the generosity of spirit and public mindedness to even consider parting with this piece and entrusting it to our care. The museum and the museum-going public will be forever indebted to the virtual sisters for their landmark contribution to the MOBA collection. From all of us -- thank you.

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