MOBA Art Too Bad To Be Ignored


30" x 24"
Oil on Canvas
Purchased at a NYC thrift store, 1995 and donated to MOBA September 2010 by Amy Fusselman and Frank Snider

The esteemed panel of judges has determined that two oppositional entries deserve to be official MOBA interpretations of the painting in Contest #10. Congratulations to MOBA Guest Interpretators Liz Ota of Sacramento, CA and Laura Zimmerman of Boston, MA.

The non-Englishiosity of the title adds a bit of pretentious pomposity totally appropriate for this exercise.

The virile, leather-jacketed hombre in the foreground of this exploration of the male psyche is visually counterbalanced by a representation of his manly preoccupations; a large plasma screen television and an embodiment of the male procreative life force, glowing orange with vigor. The latter, with its wry smile and eyes cast to the side, subtly mirrors the main subject, belying their deep interconnection. The riveting central white form, evocative of works by Keith Haring, adds motion to the painting as it tap dances on the subject’s chest, suggesting the insistent yearnings of the male heart. • MOBA Guest Interpretator: Liz Ota (Sacramento, CA)

The ambivalence dancing across the face of this tortured hombre does battle with the urgency of his bloodless, quivering heart, seen on his lapel rather than on his sleeve. Only when he acknowledges his anima, the numinous figure hovering above and behind the TV, will this organ return, roseate and pounding with health, to its rightful home, and, nestled behind his breastbone, restore his soul. • MOBA Guest Interpretator: Laura Zimmerman (Boston, MA)

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