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Writing My Life's Symphony

The artist portrays the unresolved priorities which she (surely this piece represents the feminine quandary) must clarify in order to write the symphony of her life’s ideal relationship. Hence, she places an amorphous cloud of verbiage on the staff of her life. Numerous small conventional heart symbols on the cloud represent romance, but are dominated by a large dollar symbol representing security, a “plus” sign, and a large anatomical heart surmounted by the bold word "feeling" to represent passion. Significantly, a rent in the latter allows the words “that’s my problem” to peek through.

The cloud of confusion is being drawn by the artist’s pencil, starkly revealing her understanding that she alone is responsible for the resolution to be made. The frustration she feels as she wrestles with the difficulty of simultaneously realizing all of her goals bursts out in her exclamation, “Argh!”

Touchingly, she cannot omit her pet’s paw print from this portrait of her life, albeit as a small and peripheral detail.

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