The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA)

IMPORTANT: Our gallery is currently closed. We don’t know when or where we will reopen. As soon as we know, we will announce a reopening date here, on Facebook, and in MOBA News email.  Meanwhile, you can enjoy MOBA art here and on Facebook

The world’s only museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition, and celebration of bad art in all its forms.

Our growing collection of works of Bad Art awaits your discerning eye. Click below to start the tour :


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  Buenos Aires, Argentina   

José Emilio Burucúa analiza algunos de los cuadros del Museum of Bad Art

José Emilio Burucúa analyzes paintings from the Museum Of Bad Art



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Why Is Some Art So Bad That It’s Good?

Sometimes a work of art is characterized by a string of failures but nonetheless ends up being a gorgeous freak accident of nature.


 Barcelona, Spain

El Prado, el MoMA y ahora el MOBA, el museo de Arte Malo.

In Spain,  Barcelona’s Lavanguardia newspaper discovers the Museum Of Bad Art.


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