The Critics Say . . .

Bad art is universal. Read what people throughout the world have written about MOBA.


Museum Of Bad Art
DEC 25, 2000 | The Museum Of Bad Art is a wonderful monument to the work of unrecognized bad artists everywhere. (techtv)

Small Wonders
"One person's trash is another's treasure." (Panorama)

Bad Taste Tour: Museum of Bad Art
OCT 10, 2003 | Cash Peters makes it his mission to find museums in every city and town he rolls into. (The Savvy Traveler)

America's weird museums
Thankfully, there is a museum where you can trust your judgment and laugh out loud. (Infoplease)

Bad Art Bonanza
Today, art lovers seek out found-art masterpieces for their primitive honesty, poetic forgottenness -- and low price. (artnet) Launches Honor Payment System
FEB 7, 2001 | Based on's 1-Click shopping technology, the system allows fans of authors or websites to give as little as $1 with a click of the mouse. (The Write News)

NOV 27, 2000 | A meticulously drawn, pointillist rendering of an elderly man sitting on a toilet seat. (Brandweek)

Canvas Catastrophes
JUL 1995 | Antiques dealer Scott Wilson spends a lot of time fishing through thrift stores and junk sales (Wired Magazine)