The Museum Of Bad Art is run by volunteers. The people listed here keep the doors open and the wheels of bad art spinning. Additional volunteers help when we need them. It is only through the efforts of the worldwide Friends of MOBA that we have been able to carry out our mission: to bring the worst of art to the widest of audiences.





Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director

MOBA's board named Ms. Sacco Acting Interim Executive Director, promoting her from Director of Financial Enablement. Later, MOBA achieved a dream: to be featured in the National Enquirer. While the Board of Directors was still giddy with excitement and champagne, Ms Sacco reminded them that this happened on her watch and that she deserved permanent appointment. Her unfortunate title is probably due to the champagne.



An acolyte who studied under the strict tutelage of the founding Esteemed Curator, Mr. Frank now heads the entire department. His appointment to this position was due to his record of contributing more art to MOBA than anyone other than the founder Esteemed Curator (and that he already had a tuxedo.) A professional musician and entertainer with enviable balloon-twisting skills. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts.


*Special* Assistant to the Executive Director

There cannot be a more willing worker and Parker is even the second recipient of MOBA's Lucy Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Bad Arts. But Parker was impatient to advance in the organization. Unfortunately, none of the opportunities were suitable. Desperate to improve Parker's rapidly declining morale, Parker was promoted to *Special* Assistant. The asterisks are never omitted.

Board of Directors


Founder and Master of Ceremonies of the annual Ig Nobel awards for scientific research that makes you laugh, then makes you think.


Festival Director, Newcastle (England) Film Festival; CEO/Festival Director, 48th Boston Science Fiction Film Festival, coming in February 2023.


Event and video producer, private collector of bad art. Ollie has supported and encouraged MOBA since the start.


Retired sales manager. Enjoying a hobby job as a vendor at Portland's "Flea for all" antique/vintage market. Fan of MahJongg, art (good and bad), and her dog.