Donate Money

MOBA is supported entirely by donations and the sale of MOBA gifts.  

Send your donation, large or small, via Paypal to [email protected].  You do not need a Paypal account to donate.


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Donate Art

We accept only original works of art (no reproductions). The pieces that we submitted work look for would never hang in a museum or commercial gallery, yet they have some quality that draws you to them.  

We do not accept works painted on velvet, paint-by-number, children’s work, or any of the well known kitschy motifs (dogs playing cards, big-eyed kids and all that) unless they break new ground in a startling way. 

Additions to the permanent collection are at the sole discretion of our expert curating staff. Curators are entrusted with the solemn responsibility of maintaining the museum's low standards. They typically reject 80% to 90% of all works submitted.